Advanced Facility Management

Ventana, since 1997 offers facility management services with European coverage, availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to effectively and efficiently resolve technical problems of any kind through our International Network Operations.

Ventana always pursues a fundamental goal, of always assisting the customer in any of its requirements.
Problem solving, no limits!

Know How

The know-how of Ventana has been developed directly on site, operating in different technical fields.

Ventana employs a constantly updating instrumentation computer and communication system at its forefront.


NO LIMITS PROBLEM SOLVING: to achieve and maintain high quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction, zeroing the geographical distance, waiting time and bureaucracy.

Network: think globally, act locally

Mobile App

With VentanaApp by Ventana your work will be more simple, faster and easier.

VentanaApp Service&Solving allows the Retailer to Organize, Manage and Check the maintenance and to request any kind of service for a Problem-Solving-No-Limits, in real time, whenever, wherever.

Contact Us

Ventana S.r.l.

Via Prima Strada, 35 - 35129 Padova (Pd)

Tel: +39 049 662278
Fax: +39 049 7964343

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